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As you may know I.AM.GIA is an Australian brand which is newly brought up, and is very loved by todays modelling industry. Famous models like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kourney Kardashian are all seen wearing this up and coming brand. The Website is neatly set up, and is updated months with new designs. Prices rang around $100-$200; which may seem unaffordable or unreasonably to many. However the shipping is free and the quality is great. I got the opportunity to order my own clothing off of the site. Shipping was very fast (approximately 2 weeks) , and there were no duty charges. The photos inserted on the bottom right is a photo of the website as well as a photo of me in the pants. I planned on ordering a Small but ended up ordering the Extra Small; which I am really happy about. Im around 5’7 and the length fit perfectly. For an over all review I would give this brand an 8/10. The reason being is although the shipping was fast, I did find choosing my size a little bit of a guessing game especially if you’ve never ordered off of the website. Pricing could also be a little more affordable since the look of the site is a little more edgy, it may speak to other audiences who can’t afford to throw $200 away on a pair of pants.

Website: https://iamgia.com

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