The importance of visual- continuity.

Great brands often raise the bar and continue to change and evolve. As the brands change the audience change with them; for better or for the worse. Branding is all about communication, being able to put something out into the world and get a response from the audience that you’re able to reach out too. Even brands that don’t market a name out into the world are still a brand and reach out to specific crowds that will continue to support the brand because they enjoy what they are distributing into the world. As much as change is relevant, brands need to have a consistency to continue to keep their audience intrigued in what new content will be shared.

I would personally like to reach out to a younger crowd between the ages 19-26 who are intrigued in the up coming styles. I chose the colour red to represent courage and power, because I feel as if everyone should feel confident in what they wear everyday. My logo isn’t fully complete because I want my logo to mirror what I choose to put out in the world. Once I fully know who I want to reach out to, and what I want my website to say it will be much easier to decide one a face for my brand.

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