In class we got to review a website and find what errors could be changed. I enjoyed that exercise so I decided to review one. I decided to review Revolve. Revolve is an online clothing brand that sells reasonably priced and expensive clothing items. For the most part the prices range from, $130-300. The website itself fully functions but for the price of the items the website is comparable to Forever 21′s website which prices rang from $20-50. The look of the website is messy, theres no real theme to back up their clothing quality. They show 4-5 photos per row, I think there should be less photos on the screen. They have now branched out to a store, however their website doesn’t speak highly of the store. If I were the stubble upon the website revolve without seeing the store I would assume it would be a department store which tends to decrease the value of paying full price of an article of clothing

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