Last week in class we were assigned a cafe/ coffee house. My group was assigned Tim Hortons. Even though my favourite coffee spot is Starbucks, I do find Time Hortons gives off that cozy, family feeling. Which is why all of the advertisement photos we chose went hand in hand with that theme. Starting from the community coming together to play a Canadian loved sport, or a snowy day- warm by the fire place. It’s interesting to think about what you associate a brand with just from the name or time and place you use it. For example Starbucks reminds me more of summer than it does of winter; not because I only drink it in the summer but because they advertise their cold drinks more than they do their warm. Brands speak to people of all ages- Starbucks however is either associated with young teens, or business men. Time Hortons is associated with Soccer/ Hockey moms, and a nice evening with you family.

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