This week I got the privilege to peer review Remy June’s website. My first thoughts when viewing her site is that it is very well organized. The white background with black font makes her website look very clean- adding the previews of the photos on her site add some colour which makes clicking and reading her post very desirable. 

I personally love to travel and many of her posts are very informative, as she looks at the positives and highlights of every place she travels makes me want to visit places like Washington, DC, which I’ve never gotten the chance to see. 

My favourite post she has is “London on a budget” London is a very expensive city to travel to so I think that many people who haven’t been (especially students) would love to read her article and find what she did and how her time was there. 

If I were to stumble upon her website I would be very intrigued to look at all of her posts because the photos she used are very athletically pleasing-  especially the donut photo form her Oregon article. That article was fun, informative, and looked at the positives of living in Vancouver. 

Overall I think this website would be very popular because of how relatable it is. I can’t think of one thing I would change about the appearance, her writing, or the concept.

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