I was given the opportunity to review Miley’s website. My first impression of Miley’s website is that it is clean and well organized. The photo on the front page is a nice touch, the background of the photo reminds me of a warm summer day; it bring a happy feeling when coming onto the site. As you scroll down you see a bunch of food photos which shows us what her website is about. I do like the gallery aspect of it, which is something id like to add to my website as well.  Miley’s about me page is very informative about who’s posting each review. The posts are long and detailed , my favourite post is “what to eat in LA” for starters the food looks amazing. I thought how she gave some background information about where the food came from was a nice touch, rather than just giving an opinion and ending the post.

However if I could change anything about the website it would be the lack of information about what her blog is about on the first page. Another suggestion id make would be to add negative food reviews if thats how miley wants her blog to be. Other than that I think miley’s done a great job setting and organizing her blog. 

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