This week I got the pleasure of reviewing Jades website. While looking through the website I found many things that I loved and that inspired me to make changes to my very own. Starting with the overall look of the website- the pictures of herself at the top of the home page made her website look very personal as if this was her own personal diary. Scrolling through the photos I realized they are links to her Instagram account which I thought was very neat and a great way to gain a larger audience. Looking down and noticing the handful of quotes swipe across the page is a fun and interactive touch for the viewers.

Now getting started on her posts- for starters Jade has a lot of content and everything she posts is very personable and makes her very relatable. She ties her life in which songs, as well as adding the link to the songs to let the viewers listen so maybe they could come up with something to relatable to the song as well. One of my favourite posts was the “If I were a boy”, she added some humour to a “serious” song talking about some of the things boys do that girls wish they wouldn’t. Another which I found great is the “To my future husband” she wrote a beautiful piece about all the things she hopes her future husband is accomplishing right now. This piece was vulnerable in a sense, some people may be nervous or hesitant to put it out there. However I think it makes Jades website very down to earth and like I said very relatable.

Although I wouldn’t change anything with the website the only thing I would add is an about me page, something that I can read so I can learn even more about the blogger like what her goal are, what message does she want to share…etc. Having said that, I think Jade is off to a wonderful start with her website and should defiantly keep doing what she’s doing. Thanks for reading, Sonia xo

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