The Matrix first came out in year 1999, directed by Lana Wachowski but more importantly Kym Barrett the costume designer. In the movie The Matrix the cast wears latex, black trench coats, slick hair (tight buns), and tiny glasses which look so sleek. This movie came out in the 90’s which is when everything was bleak and monochromatic. Fall of 1999 Dior came out with a haute couture season which was inspired by The Matrix. Up next is Vera Wang, Fall in the year 2000 she came out with a primarily black fall collection with many pieces that payed tribute to characters Morpheus’ uniform from the movie.

The glasses… teeny-tiny, 90’s inspired sun-glasses can be seen being supported by Kanye West. Kim Kardashian came out and said that Kanye can’t stress this enough ” NO MORE BIG GLASSES”.

Stars today are still seen rocking this 90’s look. Skinny glasses which can be found at Balenciaga. Floor-length trench coats from Vetements, during this same season Balmain and Alexander McQueen all rocked the all leather look. Fall 2018 Alexander Wang has now presented his own take with business chic meets The Matrix collection.

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