Lace, used on lingerie and wedding dresses- it can make an outfit 10x more expensive or look 10x cheaper. However Lace has been around for decades. When I think of Lace I think of Madonna, 1984 album “Like a Virgin”. It didn’t stop there, Lace lingerie body suits are in style now more than they ever were. Not only are Victorias Secrete and La Senza selling these items as clothing but Hollywood Boutique, Forever 21, & online stores like Oh Polly.

Madonna wore Lace a little revealing… she’d wear bodysuits without anything to cover her nipples. Last year we went though a phase where bra’s were to be worn underneath bodysuits and now we are on a free the nip movement (which can either be taken as a joke or seriously). Madonna started this movement back when she sported lace and mesh shirts- we are simply copying her.

People may think we have ruined fashion- ” that everyone dresses in little amounts of clothing”… In the photo above it isn’t very obvious which girl is wearing less clothing. Madonna (on the left) may be in a high neck top, but her whole body can been seen through it. The model on the right may be in a low neck top, however her nipples are fully covered. It depends how you want to present yourself, but in my opinion both styles are considered fashion.

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