James Dean an actor born and raised in Indiana. James dean was teen- heart throb best known from a famous film called “A rebel without a cause” filmed back in 1955. In the film he starred as rebel teenager Jim Stark. James Dean later died in a car accident in 1955 but has been remembered as the first actor to have two posthumous acting nominations. Although he is remembered for his great accomplishments one of the biggest things that have lived on throughout James Deans life is his style.

A movie Called “Cruise” released in 2018, starring Spencer Boldman, Emily Ratajkowski and more. This movie takes place in the 80’s. However I’m not here to do a movie review; I want to focus on the clothing. Spencer Boldman (playing Gio Fortunato) dresses a lot like James Dean. How does James Dean dress? Well, his outfits aren’t anything out of the ordinary he wears white shirts, leather or jean jacket, tight fitting bootlegged jeans, and a pair of combat boots. The way the description sounds I’m sure you’re picture John Travolta from Grease. However James was the trend setter, he’s the one who made the style was it is today.

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