Baggy or Oversized? Many think the two are the same. However they are very different. Baggy shirts or oversize jeans has been introduced by brands like Yeezy and Off-white. They’re being advertised by A list Celebrities like The Kardashians and The Hadid sisters.

Now to get into the difference, so when I’m talking baggy jeans I am not talking about jeans that you would see in the 2000 on wannabe rappers like the photo on the left. But shown on Bella Hadid in the photo on the right.

Oversized is usually worn as hoodies or jackets on both men and women. Oversized might look baggy however the whole article of clothing is a couple sizes up than you’re actually getting. Some examples of looks you can put together with oversized outerwear are shown below on model Hailey Baldwin.

Now again… Baggy or Oversize? Oversize had a good run and is still semi relevant in todays trends. But Oversize has made an even bigger come back and is worn on a lot not only males but females too. Tight jeans are still in but essentially the looser your jeans are the “cooler” you’ll look!

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