Latex, when thinking about latex minds may immediately picture the super hero known as Cat Women. However latex was a huge staple piece in fashion 40 years ago, but just like all other trends latex has done a full circle. Latex pants, dresses, skirt…etc was first introduced in the 80’s sported by well known celebrities such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kiss, and Freddie Mercury the lead singer of queen.

Latex is back in style and is seen on today A list celebrities which include Beyonce, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian. It is sold at stores as well as online companies ( Urban outfitters, I AM GIA, ZARA , Hollywood Boutique, and Meshki) and is a hot commodity to millennials.

I’ve recently purchased some items off of one of the brands listen above called Meshki. Meshki is an online store which is reasonably prices as well as high quality. Shipping only takes up to a week with no additional express shipping charges compared to other over seas websites. The items fit true to size and provide proper measurements on the website. Latex might seem like a fashion statement to many however I believe it can be a staple piece in peoples closets. It allows you to spice up any outfit without trying to hard.

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