As much as it is a Science it is an Art 

The Colour Wheel definitely plays a huge part when picking out your outfit; It’s also something that gets over looked. Fret not, I’m here to give you the run down on how to use and abuse the wonderful Colour Wheel. So I’ll start it off quick and to the point, bringing to way back to the first grade. Your primary colours… Red, Blue and Yellow. The special things about these colours is that they can’t be made by mixing colours. Which also means using these colours in outfits can either create harmony or disorganization. So to keep it clean try and keep pastels with your pastel, and your earth tones with your earth tones. However if your like me and you like to play around with your outfits, when I say complimentary colours I really mean opposite. But that doesn’t mean you have you can’t stay in the same colour family. The Ombré effect is an example of this; Wearing the different shades within the same colour, Meaning you can wear your dark brown coat with your nude dress pants, white blouse and beige shoes. Or your Prints; Break down your print  within your article of clothing. You can either pick the most shown colour from your clothing and run with that or the least shows and make it the centre of attention.  Don’t forge about the most popular and hardest to mess up out of all the colour schemes; Good ol’ fashion Black and White. Neutral colours are great for mixing but even as simple as Black and White, they show a subtle contrast that can be striking in the simplest of outfits. As you can see on the right I have my lovely colour wheel. If you. take your pointer finger and put it on the Royal Blue colour and drag it directly across to the Sunset yellow you have your complimentary colour. Now if you put your finger on your red, count three to the right till you hit the yellow, then colour three more to the smokey blue; This is what we call Triad colours. These three colours are all equidistant on the wheel. Now starting arg the Dark green, then looking at the light green down to the yellow. This is Analogous, These are the colours that board each other along the wheel. Knowing this will make it easier to pick your Core colour which is usually the main piece of your outfit ( Maybe your jacket or sweater). Then Pairing it with your accent colours which is the neutral part of your outfit.

Hope this helped you out! See you in my next post 🙂

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